Spa Package


  • Re-Balancing (Oily skin)

    60 min Baht 1,500
    This facial treatment gives natural glow and radiance to skin. Special blend of natural plant oils and extracts helps in purifying, tone up and nurture the skin tissues. Rich aromatic facial massage makes this a favorite for beauty lovers.
  • Soothing Facial for Mature skin

    60 min Baht 1,500
    A special gentle facial for sensitive and fragile skin which is prone to redness and irritation. This natural plant extracts give more nourishment and energy to the skin tissues. Suitable for sensitive and fragile skin.
  • Facial for dull or dark complexion skin

    60 min Baht 1,500
    This organic facial for normal to dry skin uses extract of nature plant to heal dull, congested com- plexions and to hydrate the skin.
  • Men’s Escape

    60 min Baht 1,500
    This facial treatment is highly beneficial in restoring the skin. It is a must for stressed and environ- mentally damaged skin. Pure natural extracts are used in this facial treatment for brightening the skin.

* Prices subject to10% Service charge & 7% Vat