Spa Package


  • Bella Tuscany

    60 min Baht 1,300
    A combination of natural blended herbs and seeds have been selected to gently exfoliate and revi- talize the skin, creating a natural glow and moisten the skin.
  • Essence of Rose Exfoliate

    60 min Baht 1,400
    This gentle body scrub is delicately scented with rose essential oil and luxuriously moisturizes your skin With lasting softness and sensual mood.
  • Aromatic Milky Rice Scrub

    60 min Baht 1,400
    A rich natural vitamins and omega – An organic compound composed of vitamin E and helps anti- oxidants. This creamy scrub firms the skin and balancing the skin complexion.
  • Tamarind Body Polish

    60 min Baht 1,400
    Is special created form the natural extracts of Tamarind which help to eliminates all traces of dirty dead skin cell and unwanted oil lighten and refresh new skin cells.

* Prices subject to10% Service charge & 7% Vat