Spa Package


  • Thai Massage

    60/90/120 min Baht 900/1,200/1,500
    A traditional Thai Massage was over 500 years ago that providing a unique technique with medium to strong pressures to relief your tension with a simple style by well-trained therapist.
  • Thai Yoga Massage

    90/120 min Baht 1,400/1,700
    A combination of Thai Traditional massage and Yoga stretching for better flexibility, releases merid- ian energy and promotes blood and lymphatic flow.
  • Stress Release Massage

    60/90 min Baht 1,100/1,300
    Concentrating on your neck, shoulders and back to relief tensions with application of acupressure techniques.
  • Aroma Well-being Massage

    60/90 min Baht 1,200/1,500
    Aroma Well being Massage help release the stress and balance emotional condition as well as to ease body tension and stimulate body system.
  • Swedish Massage

    60/90 min Baht 1,300/1,600
    Using a stimulating effleurage with long, strong strokes to release muscle tension, promote flexibility and improve circulation.
  • Phangan Herbal Healer

    60/90 min Baht 1,300/1,600
    An east meet west technique is created to relief pains and soothe sore muscles.
    This treatment perfectly incorporates a warm Thai herbs bag containing with the beneficial hot and spices Thai herbs, and the gently massage using the aromatic oil to release the tight muscles, stimulates blood circulation by focusing on tensed area such as neck, shoulder, waist, back and lower part area of the body.
  • Tibetan Stone Massage

    90 /120 min Baht 1,600/1,800
    A massage technique inspired by the Tibetan healing rituals. Using heated stones with oil combin- ing together to melt your stress away. After massage, warmth stones are placed on each energy points of the body, as was practiced in ancient Tibet.
  • Hot Oil Massage

    60/90 min Baht 1,500/1,700
    Massage to relax muscles. And improves the balance of the blood. Heated by hot oil massage before. The surface of the sun for a long time.
  • Phangan Aloe Vera Massage

    60/90 min Baht 1,300/1,600
    During your Aloe Vera massage, Aloe Vera is absorbed through; hydrates and nourishes your skin, massaging with Aloe Vera tends to gently draw out impurities from all layers of your skin as well as from your lymphatic system and other organs. The cleansing and hydration that your skin receives from your Aloe Vera massage results in your being comfortable in any climate, winter or summer. Your skin feels more supple and alive to the subtle textures of the air.

* Prices subject to10% Service charge & 7% Vat