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AYURVEDA his an ancient Indian healing system using herbs, oils, mainipulation and diet. Literally it means 'the knowledge of life'.

Perhaps this system is the oldest 'healing method' as know to mankind, date back before 320 B.C.

  • Shirodhara

    45 min Baht 1,600
    A traditional AYURVEDA treatment that involves the use of warm oil, dripping slowly and continuously onto the third-eye point location on the forehead. This special treatment helps relive and calm emotions, eases tension and stress.
  • Shirobyanga

    60 min Baht 1,500
    An Indian Head Massage which combines ancient beliefs and techniques. This specific treatment which strengthens and stretches the neck and shoulder muscles, relieves tension release and unblock negatives energies through meridian channels within the body.

* Prices subject to10% Service charge & 7% Vat